Wait, Vegans Can Eat Pizza Too?!

A lot of people assume that when you choose to go vegan, you’re also choosing to give up a lot of the joys in life, such as pizza. I may not be able to eat your average pizza from Domino’s pizza at a work party, but to my pleasant surprise, there are many restaurants nowadays that offer a vegan crust and, even more often, also offer a non-dairy cheese substitute. I have tried several vegan pizzas options, since choosing this lifestyle, but most recently, and most often, I enjoy Mod Pizza.

Mod Pizza was founded in Seattle in 2008 and offers build-it-yourself pizzas. So basically, if you’ve been Chipotle, it’s the same thing, except your building a pizza instead of a burrito. The advantage of build-it-yourself style restaurants is that you can choose what you want in your meal, and what you don’t want, and for me, at Mod Pizza, this translates into a pizza with lots of veggies, no meat, and daiya cheese, please! (Fun fact: Daiya contains no animal products, soy, nuts, or gluten!)

So, what’s it like eating at Mod Pizza? You get in line, and they ask if you want an a 4″ or 11″. I often opt for the 11″ and take home my leftovers home (It’s only $7.95, so why not save some for later?). Then, I immediately tell them I would like red sauce, which is basically marinara sauce, and daiya cheese (Important note: they hold the cheese until the end, so sometimes I have to remind them to add the cheese). You can also add some other items, like garlic or spinach (both of which I always get). Then, I tell them no meat and to add whatever veggies I’m in the mood for that day. Then, they add add the daiya cheese, and they call your name when it’s ready.

My favorite thing about Mod Pizza is that I can bring vegan and non-vegan friends alike, and everyone can get what they want. It’s also fast, pretty inexpensive, and a great environment to chit chat over a beer. Have you been to Mod Pizza or tried other pizzerias that offer vegan options? Please share your thoughts and ideas in the comments. ๐Ÿ™‚

The featured photo was taken by David Neuscheler. Find more of his work at unsplash.com.


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