Go-to Vegan Breakfast Items

Whenever I meet someone who is not vegan, which is quite often, they explain to me that being vegan is “too inconvenient.” When it comes to lunch or dinner, I can usually find something to eat most anywhere, but the same doesn’t always ring true for breakfast, unless you enjoy only eating fruit for your morning snack. If you can relate to this struggle, here are some of my favorite breakfast items, most of which can be purchased at your local grocery store in the U.S.

Thomas Bagels. I always enjoyed eating Thomas bagels because they have such a wide variety of favors and can be found at most grocery stores, even Walmart. During this time of year, the pumpkin bagels and maple bagels are some of my favorites. I usually pair them with grape jelly (Check the label to make sure it’s vegan–some jelly contains gelatin), peanut butter, or non-dairy butter. More than any other breakfast item, this is my go-to because it keeps me full through my morning workout and until lunchtime.

Nature’s Path Flax Plug Organic Pumpkin Granola cereal. Here’s another great breakfast go-to. In fact, my husband, who is not vegan, loves this cereal. We often pair it with almond milk. It’s light, tasty, and has lots of pumpkin seeds, which is especially fun to pair with a pumpkin flavored coffee at this time of year (In fact, you should check out Califa Farms’ vegan Pumpkin Spiced Creamer–it’s amazing! :). The only downside of this cereal is that I don’t find it as filling, so I suggest also pairing it with a banana or other supplementary breakfast item.

Nature’s Path’s Love Crunch Dark Chocolate cereal. Unlike my husband, I’m impartial to this Nature’s Path cereal because I love dark chocolate. If you crave something sweet in the morning, besides a latte, this is for you. The dried strawberries and raspberries, in conjunction with the bits of dark chocolate, will satisfy your craving. Only two things should be noted about this cereal: 1) It is very high in calories. Note the 1/4 cup per serving on the label. I would eat this cereal more often if it was less calorie dense. 2) The bulk version of this same exact cereal, which is sold at Sam’s Club, is not vegan.

Chocolate Vega Protein Powder. Last but not least, I’ve already mentioned this product in previous blogs, but if I want something that isn’t too filling for breakfast, I often use Vega protein powder in my morning protein shakes. I typically fill a blender with about 2 1/2 cups of almond milk, 1 banana, 1 tablespoon of peanut butter, and 2 scoops of the protein powder, and there you go: You have a loaded protein shake that will make you feel full, without making you feel bloated. (Side note: I also like to bring these shakes to work if I know I will be eating salad; that way, I will feel more full and get in my protein.)

If you’re a vegan, what do you like to eat for breakfast? Please share in the comments.

The featured photo was taken by Brooke Lark. Find more of her work at unsplash.com.


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