SoCal Vegan Restaurants

It’s been a while since I last wrote a blog post, and that’s partially because I spent two weeks visiting my parents in California. Besides visiting family and friends, one of the highlights of this trip was trying new vegan options and restaurants. If you are ever in southern California, I highly recommend you check out the following places:

Something Vegan – After going to Universal Studios with one of my friends, we were looking for somewhere to grab dinner, so I googled “vegan restaurants” in Los Angeles, and Something Vegan was one of the first places to pop up–it was also only about a 1.5 miles from Universal! The restaurant doesn’t have its own website (you’ll notice I have posted only a link to its Yelp page), which initiially made me a bit skeptical, but when we arrived, I was not disappointed. The menu includes salads, burgers, Asian foods, and more. I got a chicken paid thai, and the soy meat replacements were impressive and tasted like the real deal! An added bonus was the chill and modern atmosphere. If you’re ever in Taluca Lake, you should definitely stop by–I know I will!

The Healthy Junk – A little bit further south, or only a few blocks from Disneyland, is another hidden vegan treasure: The Healthy Junk. This restaurant lives in a food court among other restaurants that have a plethura of vegan options, but The Healthy Junk is the only 100% vegan place. Here, you will find burgers and TexMex options, many of which include meat replacements. I had the crispy chicken burger, and it was impressive how much the chicken tasted like the real thing–it reminded me a bit of a Chik-fil-a chicken sandwich. I also got a side order of fries that included a vegan ranch dressing, another item that tasted incredibly similar to the real thing. Although I did not try it, this restaurant is also well-known for its vegan deserts, such as its cheesecake, which my vegan friends tried and enjoyed very much!

Voodoo Doughnut – While it’s not a restaurant, I think this is a place that vegans and non-vegans alike will enjoy: Voodooo Doughnut. Since I live in Colorado, I most frequently visit the Voodoo Doughnut in Denver, but on this trip, I finally had the pleasure of visiting the Voodoo Doughnut at the Universal Citywalk. One thing that I preferred about this location, over the location in Denver, was the atmosphere. It was much fancier, and much more fun. I had the Maple Bar, which is a simple maple glazed donut, but I can assure you that it tastes no different than a non-vegan donut! I’ve also tried the Old Dirty Bastard, the Gay Bar, the Pot Hole, and the McMinnville, to name a few, and I have yet to be disappointed. All of these donuts are rich and will fulfill your sweet tooth!

Have you visited any vegan restaurants in your hometown or while travelling? I’d love to hear your stories and recommendations in the comments.

The featured photo was taken by Brooke Lark. Find more of her work at


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