Workout Wednesday: Strength Training at Home

Although today’s post is not about veganism, I know that most vegans have chosen this lifestyle because they not only want to save animals but live a healthy lifestyle. With this in mind, today, I’d like to talk about how I’ve been changing up my fitness routine. While I love maintaining an active lifestyle, I often find myself falling into the same-old, same-old routine, which often involves a lot of cardio and very little strength training. This can be problematic because to properly sculpt our bodies, we need a little bit of both. Over the past week or so, I have started challenging myself to find a reasonable balance between both H.I.I.T. training (high intensity interval training) and cardio.

Why I’m Making This Change

A couple of my friends recently challenged themselves to convert to a healthier, vegan lifestyle. In addition to changing their diets, they have also began practicing more rigorous exercise regimes. These simple changes have led in amazing results, which me made me reconsider my own lifestyle choices. The following question was brought to my mind: I’m vegan, and I exercise too, so why am I not seeing the same changes in my body? That’s when I realized that, in addition to making some changes to my diet, I needed to exercise the muscles that I have been neglecting, as well as find ways to boost my heart rate, in order to promote fat burning and sculpting.

Why I Exercise at Home

The most challenging thing about incorporating strength training into my lifestyle is my preference to workout at home. As some of you may have gleamed from my previous blog posts, despite my efforts to live a healthy lifestyle, I have struggled most of my life with autoimmune issues, which has contributed to my tendency to get sick easily. So, unfortunately, since the gym is not the most sanitary place, I have concluded that it is not the best environment for me to exercise in. To combat this issue, I have purchased my own workout equipment: I own a treadmill, stair climber, and rowing machine. However, this exercise equipment merely promotes cardio, not strength training.

Finding Other Options

Maintaining my health has presented the challenge of: How can I continue working out at home but improve my chances of seeing results? Another friend of mine introduced me to some awesome workout videos on YouTube, and they’re already starting to change my life. The best part about them? They’re free. The two channels I’ve fallen in love with are: Yoga with Adrienne and PopSugar Fitness. First and foremost, I have loved yoga for years, especially because it allows me to cut down on stress, while also allowing me to utilize muscles that otherwise go unnoticed. Adrienne’s videos are great because she offers a wide variety of them and caters to individuals at all different levels. Likewise, while PopSugar Fitness does not focus on one specific type of workout, this channel offers videos that include Pilates, Barre workouts, and more; I love that I can choose workouts from a variety of instructors as well. Below, I have included some of my favorite videos so far and hope to update you with any changes I see in my body from changing up my routine.

Workout Video Recommendations

  1. I highly recommend trying out Yoga with Adrienne’s 30 Days of Yoga challenge; you can start with this video, Day 1 – Ease Into It.
  2. For some sculpting, and something a little more rigorous than yoga, I suggest PopSugar Fitness’ 30-Minute No-Equipment Barre Sculpting Workout.
  3. If you really want to pump up your heartrate, while also building some muscle, I recommend PopSugar Fitness’ This Killer Workout Torches Calories — About 500 in 45 Minutes.


The featured photo was taken by Justyn Warner. Find more of his work at


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