My Trip to England as a Vegan

It’s been a while since I last wrote a blog, and in addition to other craziness that has been occurring in my life, the main reason I disappeared from the blogging community was because I recently travelled across the pond to England! Not only did I have the opportunity to spend an entire week with one of my dearest friends, but I got to experience a new culture and, with that, a wide variety of vegan foods! I would like to take this opportunity to catch you up on some of the great vegan experiences I had abroad. Here were some of the highlights:

VX Bristol. Why not start of this list with the best-of-the-best? VX Bristol was by far my favorite place to eat on this trip. Like much of their merchandise says, “I love vegan junk food,” and VX Bristol is the epitome of amazing vegan junk food. Not only does this restaurant offer a cute and cozy environment, but the food at VX Bristol is everything that you’ve missed since you became vegan. For instance, I ordered the mac ‘n cheese, chicken nuggets (not real chicken nuggets, of course), and Oreo milkshake. If you’re not interested in making the trip down to VX Bristol for food, I’d at least recommend visiting for a milkshake because they are to die for.

Beyond the Kale. Right behind VX Bristol, Beyond the Kale was a close second. My friend and I took a day trip to Bath, and we found this little hidden treasure. Although it’s a bit difficult to find, Beyond the Kale seemed to draw all the vegans in town into one room: This was yet another restaurant with entirely vegan options that may pleasantly catch you by surprise. While the wrap I had here was delicious, my favorite aspect of Beyond the Kale was the desserts. I had a hot chocolate, which seems to be one of their most popular items, as well as a beat brownie. Not only did this items look adorable (Great for Instagram photos, by the way), but they were delicious and definitely recalled to days before I had to say “no” to such items at most restaurants.

Pieminister. What’s a trip to England without trying shepherd’s pie? As a vegan, I didn’t think I would get to participate in this experience, but thankfully, my friend knew the place to go: Pieminister. You guessed it: Pieminister offers vegan pies that not only look amazing but taste amazing. The pie I ate had me questioning the entire time, “Are you sure this is vegan?” I’m sure that even non-vegans would be fooled. Moreover, the pies were very filling and not very expensive; if I recall correctly, a pie with a side is only around £7.50.

Pret a Manger. Okay, I know you can pretty much find Pret anywhere in England, but this turned out to be a great place to eat either at the airport or simply on a day out. Something I really like about Pret is that they offer vegan sandwiches; while sandwiches are a great meal to grab when you’re on the go, in America, vegan sandwiches are very difficult to come by. Finding Pret at the airport was very convenient in this way; I grabbed a vegan sandwich, some fruit, and a soya latte, and I was ready to go. Plus, this was one of the healthiest airport food options I have ever found (Bonus points: the coffee is organic!), especially as a vegan because more often than not, I end up resorting to fries as a meal when travelling.

Wagamama’s. Perhaps another English cliche for go-to yummy food, but I really enjoyed eating at Wagamama’s. Although on the pricier end, Wagamama’s offers Japanese inspired dishes with, what I would call, a European twist. One of the things I miss eating most since I became a vegan is pad thai, and to my pleasant surprise, on the vegan menu at Wagamama’s, there was a vegan pad thai. While it wasn’t necessarily the best pad thai I’d ever had, it was pretty darn good. I also got some delicious miso soup, which can also be hard to come by. Unlike the previously mentioned restaurants, it should be noted that Wagamama’s includes a gratuity charge of about 20%, so probably not the place to eat if you’re going out on a budget.

I hope this wasn’t an overload of vegan food favorites in the England. This list is by no means exhaustive, and I was only in England for one week, so I know that my scope is limited as well. If you have traveled to England, or live in England yourself, what are some of your favorite vegan dishes to eat and where? Let me know in the comments. Perhaps I will check some of these places the next time I travel abroad.

The featured photo was taken by Larisa Mamonova. Find more of her work at


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