Treats for Vegans with a Sweet Tooth

For some reason, when I say that I’m vegan, people tend to assume that I have given up any and all tasty foods. If I’m vegan, I must only eat salad… right? Wrong. While I constantly I have to make the effort to eat a well-balanced diet, as most of us do, I will take the time to occasionally indulge in vegan treats, which often surprises many non-vegans. Here are some of my favorites:

Dark chocolate. This is by far the easiest vegan treat to indulge in; you just have to buy it, and you’re ready to go. The only thing that you have to watch out for with dark chocolate is that most dark chocolates still contain milk fat, so be sure to read your ingredients. Some of my go-to brands for vegan chocolate from the U.S. include Green & Black’s Organic ChocolateJustin’s, and Ritual. My all-time favorite brand of vegan chocolate, however, is Endangered Species Chocolate. 10% of all proceeds received are donated to various conservation efforts, including the Rainforest Trust and Chimp Haven. To learn more about their mission, you can visit their website here.

Chocolate chip cookies. If like dark chocolate, then you’re definitely going to like vegan chocolate chip cookies. A friend of mine and I recently tried a chocolate chip cookie recipe that we found on Facebook, which you can try for yourself by clicking here. While they taste somewhat different from non-vegan chocolate chip cookies, if you have a sweet tooth, these will definitely fulfill your cravings, as these cookies are loaded with sugar! Additionally, if you’re always running on a tight schedule, they don’t take too long to make, only about 30 minutes. I highly recommend pairing these with a glass of non-dairy milk for the best experience.


Hot chocolate. While summer time is now quickly approaching us in the U.S., here in Colorado, we’ve still had some bouts of cooler weather. If you’re looking for something sweet to drink, while snuggling up in a blanket and reading a book, vegan hot chocolate is for you–and it’s super easy to make. All you need is dairy-free milk (whichever is your favorite) and a bag of 100% cacao powder, both of which can be easily found at most grocery stores. I usually put a spoonful or two of the cacao powder in a coffee mug, pour in my non-dairy milk, and then heat the mug for about 2 minutes (It may vary depending on the strength of your microwave). And there you go: vegan hot chocolate!

Vegan blueberry muffins. Looking for something with a little bit less chocolate? (If you couldn’t already tell, chocolate is pretty much my favorite thing in the world, besides coffee).  Vegan blueberry muffins are a great option; they can also be made into a loaf–whatever you prefer. Of the treats I’ve mentioned, this dessert is going to require the most effort to make (For instance, curdling soy milk can be a bit of a challenge…); however, this is also going to be the best dessert for fooling your non-vegan friends. My husband and I would both agree that you would never know it was vegan. Try the recipe for yourself by clicking here.

What are your favorite vegan desserts? Please share them in the comments below–I’m always looking to try new things!

The featured photos were taken by Brook Lark and Find more of their work at


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