Certified Vegan: Vegan.Org – Have you ever wondered who puts the “Certified Vegan” label on your groceries, beauty products, and more? Well, these are the folks who do. Vegan.Org is the ultimate go-to website for learning about veganism, how to educate others on veganism, and how products become certified.

The Vegan Society. What is the Vegan Society? It’s the place that started it all by being the first to use the word “vegan.” Like Vegan.Org, The Vegan Society also seeks to label food as “vegan” to help us vegans feel safe when eating various products. Likewise, The Vegan Society offers a plethora of vegan recipes to tips on how to live a vegan lifestyle beyond dietary choices.

People for Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA). While PETA often gets a bad rep for being “too extreme,” PETA’s website is almost an encyclopedia for information on how to become vegan.. PETA offers vegans guides on how to eat vegan, dress vegan, and more, as well as information on the latest news regarding animal cruelty and how you can help. So you’ve decided to go vegan, but you don’t know where to start. provides a solid breakdown for how to pursue a vegan lifestyle. Many of these tips can be easily downloaded and printed as well, including cookbooks and recipes. Moreover, offers information on where and how to become an activist for animals.

Mercy for Animals. Are you interested in getting involved and joining the movement against factory farming and animal cruelty? Mercy for Animals seeks to investigate cases of animal cruelty and go after the individuals inflicting the abuse. You can get involved and volunteer to become an activist yourself, and if that’s not your style, Mercy for Animals also accepts donations.

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